ZMPTV - Free TV for Everyone!

Welcome to ZMPtv!

Welcome to ZMPtv

Enjoy our free programming and rest assured more channels are on the way!
What can you find on ZMPtv? Classic TV shows, Horror movies, awesome cartoons, westerns, and a lot more!

We are super excited about the adventure ahead, but please be patient as we tweak the system. 

Some things you might want to know:
You can watch ZMPtv for FREE!
You can watch on desktop or mobile phones and can "cast" them to your big screen TV.
The channel guide is on the left below the screen. 
The two arrows in the lower right-hand of the screen will cause the player to go full screen. 
There are some commercials and advertisements to help us pay the bills.
Sometimes a video may become unavailable and all you see is a black screen. Programming will resume after the blank time slot expires. 
We offer commercial placement (video ads) during our programs, at reasonable rates, via our main website at 

Watch this space for updates.

Thank you.

(ZMPTV is a subsidiary of Zombie Media, LLC)

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